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Novice teachers: the challenges, supports, and effective strategies
Experiences of mental health registered nurses from Ontario : perspectives on preparation for practice
Circumcision debates in Sexology magazine (1934-1975)
Cries for help : emergency room nurses' perceptions and experiences treating individuals with mental health challenges
IRBU Policy
Examining the participation of women in the Formulation of Food and Agricultural Sector Development Policy (FASDEP II) : a case study in Ejisu-Juaben Municipality of Ghana
Incivility in psychiatric nursing : a phenomenological study
Graduate calendar 2020-2021
Lived experiences of nurses in the emergency department caring for patients with mental health concerns
Clark magazine 2020 Summer
Teacher metacognition : teacher as curriculum maker with metacognition at the centre of the classroom
Agricultural cooperatives and food sovereignty : a case study in Oyo State, Western Nigeria
Examining gender inequality in Nigeria : a case study of women entrepreneurs in Ogun State
Exploring improvisation pedagogy based on participatory and M-base characteristics: an action research study
BU Journal of Graduate Studies in Education (2020) Vol. 12, No. 1
Phenomenology of SSRI induced low sexual desire in women treated for depression
Why not play? An analysis of teachers' perspectives of the effectiveness of the 2017 Kindergarten Educational Reforms on enhancing play-based learning practices in Hong Kong kindergartens
BU Journal of Graduate Studies in Education (2020) Vol. 12, No. 2
Educating the educators: determining the uniqueness of psychiatric nursing practice to inform psychiatric nurse education
Long-term effect of CQA-tested municipal solid waste compost application on soil health and crop productivity